Butterfly ring

Hand made ring based on real butterfly for nature lovers. 

None of buuterfly suffer, seriously we care about all creatures in th world, we found it already dead.

We make forms for these ring from natural organic materials. 

The butterfly is cast in brass and protected with a polimeric coating.

Does not change color or lose shine.

Ring is comfortable to wear. Please let us now what size of ring  you order. 




If you dont know your finger size, there is two ways of check it :

-you can measure the circumference of your finger with a  tailor's tape measure and enter the result in milimeters in message to us with your order,  however such measure  may be imprecise and ring may not perfect fit.

- the best option is to visit a jewellery shop which offer the ability to check figer size with a standardised measure. 

Preparation time for shipments is up to 3 days, but we will try to dispatch your order as fast as possible.

You will receive your jewellery in a solid paper box with natural packaging. We pack with brown paper, and tie with natural linen cord. 

All our jewellery is handmade from scratch. We invest time in each piece, focusing on the quality of every item. 

If you want to read more about how we work, see the About section and follow us on facebook or instagram.

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